3 Tips For Booking A Prom Limo in Houston

As everyone knows, there are two ways to arrive at the big prom night at your school in Houston. The first way, is to come in your mom’s 2001 station wagon, with the ding in the fender and the ‘BEST MOM IN THE WORLD’ bumper sticker. The other is to blow everyone’s minds with the fabulously awesome, brand new, and frankly HUGE Limo Car. But how do you know how to make the right choice when you roll up to impress your friends?


First of all, book your Houston Limo early!

What with the amount of proms and weddings that take place in Houston and the surroundings, it isn’t that unusual for you to try to book your Houston Limo a week or two before the big night, only to find that the Limo cars are completely booked. Make sure to book your ride two, or even three months in advance.


Second of all, make sure you see the Houston Limo

Make sure that the Houston Limo company you are booking from has a valid operating license, which is required by the state for the company to legally rent out their Limo fleet. Then, make sure you get to see the actual Houston Limo you are renting – even if the actual vehicle is not available at the time, you should certainly be able to get a few pictures sent over to your mobile phone. Try to get the photos sent from different angles, and from the inside as well, so that you can get a good idea of what to expect when it rolls up to your house on prom night.


Thirdly, are you going to be alone in the Houston Limo?

The bigger Houston Limos can hold between six to twenty people. Are you going to be splitting the limo (and the cost) with your friends? Are you going to be riding solo with your date? Once you know how many people are going, and how many people you want to help foot the bill, you will be able to make a better estimate as to what make of Houston Limo is the best fit for you. Don’t forget – always make sure that you have a valid contract with the Houston Limo company, and that there is a good cancellation policy in place if you DO happen to cancel.